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Right or Left…we have to do something different!

Here we are at the start of another year – Happy New Year! Now is the time for black people to do something different in politics. Here in Oregon we have to recognize that much of our misery has happened under the leadership of so called “progressive” Democrats.

Some say it would have been worse under Republicans, and they might be right.  However, we will never know because we have been so captured by and in lockstep with the Democrats for a number of years. Continue reading Right or Left…we have to do something different!

In the wake of Ferguson, can Portland avoid the mistake of acting too little too late?

It seems like we have been marching and demonstrating forever in Portland.  Indeed, during the civil right movement, one veteran demonstrator captured the feeling accurately in thought, saying, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired”.

No one is sure that the local power structure gets it, but it is clear that there is not the urgency of action necessary to effectively deal with many conditions in Portland that so accurately mirror those in Ferguson, MO. The festering issues of racial profiling, gentrification, job and housing discrimination are acutely similar to Ferguson. What is even more frighting is the fact that some of our elected leaders seem to be gravitating towards a repeat of the mistakes of the past: positioning the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff instead of building the necessary barricades at the top. Continue reading In the wake of Ferguson, can Portland avoid the mistake of acting too little too late?

NAACP Portland Chapter 1120B Elects 2015 Leadership Team

Following a membership vote on Saturday, November 15, 2014, and subsequent certification by the Elections Supervisory Committee, Portland’s NAACP Chapter 1120B will have new leadership. Jo Ann
Hardesty was elected President. James Posey will serve as 1st Vice President. Their two-year terms begin in January. Continue reading NAACP Portland Chapter 1120B Elects 2015 Leadership Team

Why Can’t Blacks Get To the Table?

It seems like we have watched this cycle go on forever, election after election, year after year, generation after generation: Black people are not at the table when it counts. Not being at that table during budget processes is devastating. “ODOT to Oregon lawmakers: Find $5.1 billion for bridges and roads, or watch economy collapse, Portland Public Schools’ $16.8 million windfall could lead to immediate relief in crowded schools, Portland could have a windfall of more than $15 million in new money to spend during the next few fiscal years”. Here are just a few examples of the headlines giving a glimpse of the dollars to be spent without recognizable black emphasis or input. Continue reading Why Can’t Blacks Get To the Table?

What Transparency?

To the average citizen most agency transparency efforts are clear as mud.

While federal, state, county and city agencies profess to have robust public transparency policies, it is a very difficult process to navigate. The key is getting discernable information that is useful. It is almost a full time job to extract information that makes sense. Unless you are a numbers geek or have unlimited time and resources, this is a discouraging proposition. And we think the agencies want it that way. Continue reading What Transparency?

Change is coming to Minority Contracting

In the last few weeks there has been considerable discussion about minority contractor advocacy  in the media. But a close examination of work sites around Portland will reveal that not much has changed since the mid-seventies in terms of participation by blacks and other minority contractors.   There have been a few bright spots, like Tri-Met continued efforts to maximize the use of minorities. Continue reading Change is coming to Minority Contracting

Welcome New Leadership

Charlie Hales won the Mayoral election fair and square and we were happy to support him. The question is whether he will be able to govern the city fair and square after the mess Sam Adams made. Not only is he starting in a hole saddled with a 25 million dollar plus budget shot fall, he must resurrect some confidence in city government. The fact that he has chosen to cut his immediate staff in contrast Sam Adam’s army, is a good sign. Continue reading Welcome New Leadership

With friends like these…

I was not in town when city council adopted the Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) which should have been called the Union Benefit Agreement (UBA). This crafty concept financed and promoted by the unions is explicitly designed to benefit the union agenda long-term. Because this nefarious effort was presented with a measure of good politics and cloaked intentions, its paid lobbyist (former city commissioner) could sell it to an unsuspecting naive community.  It was good politics to involve the Urban League, who doesn’t have a clue of what is really going in the minority contracting community. Continue reading With friends like these…